As with anything in life there comes a time where things change and now is one of those times.  As I mentioned in a previous post: The Death of Solo-moto, I'm no longer living life "With Only A Motorcycle" and that has been making me fee like a bit of a hypocrite when it comes to this website.  Add to the fact that I have not been able to get on very many rides to generate enough content for a stand-alone site and the prospects of the frequency of big moto-adventures increasing are not good with the arrival of our daughter.  I have decided to migrate the content of this site over to my main site: www.juanbook.com

I've also migrated pretty much all my Facebook content to that site and that is where I intend to center my internet presence from now on.  I will keep this page active going forth but all new posts will be made on: www.juanbook.com 

You can all of the content on this site and any new content that would have been meant for this site HERE.

And also a lot of my moto-related photos and interesting articles are now being shared HERE.

Thanks for following this site and I hope you take a look at: www.juanbook.com